Trust and Leap (Ps. 32:10b)

Trust and Leap

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Have you ever been at a pool and watched young children learn to swim, dive, or jump into the water? Imagine the parent waist-deep in the water with their arms held out in front of them, coaxing the child to leap? You, know, a leap of faith. The ability to trust the parent to catch them and keep them safe? Recall the hesitation. Then the jump, followed by the inevitable catch. All was well, and the game repeats, the child growing bolder each leap.

Suppose you have had the opportunity to listen to another person’s journey. In that case, you know how humbling it is to understand the level of trust this person has placed in you as they share, and you listen without judgment or condemnation. Why? Because in many instances, the critical issue is trust. Individuals betrayed by spouses, friends, families, strangers, and even authority figures like coaches, teachers, and others they trust. Indeed, broken trust was the stumbling block and an asserted insurmountable barrier to a whole and healthy relationship with others and themselves.

The Test

Eventually, the inevitable test — an intense memory from a very dark place. They evaluate and watch your reaction, body language, and facial expressions as they relate memories. The point? Your response and posture toward them now that you know the “truth.” Once passed, the progression of true healing occurs because the discussions about abuse, infidelity, trauma, pain, addiction, behaviors, and a host of other issues are frank.

But what about God?

Interesting was the person’s hesitation. Why? Because they based their view of God on a faulty model. The usual answer is, “if they believed in God, he was distant and a mean-spirited, father figure waiting to discipline them because they had not measured up to His standard.” Translated, He wasn’t trustworthy. One doesn’t have to be a professional counselor to see the connection between their experiences and statements. Can you relate? Do you know people who cannot seem to leap like the trusting child into the arms of a father or other caregivers for healing? Because my experience has been that it is difficult for injured children — now adults to believe to trust horizontally and vertically. Difficult, but not impossible, because the truth, despite our earthly experiences, is:

“The LORD is waiting to be kind to you. He rises to have compassion on you. The LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are those who wait for him!”

(Is. 30:18 GW)

“With perfect peace, you will protect those whose minds cannot be changed, because they trust you. Trust the LORD always, because the LORD, the LORD alone is an everlasting rock.”

(Is. 26:3-4 GW)


Do you know someone looking to you for trust or afraid to trust? Or are you looking for a person to trust? Has your past been marred, like many others? Above all, you know you can trust Him with your deepest cares, fears, and concerns. Others have despite the hurts. He is waiting for the leap. Trust Him today and each day. Because you can know of the love of the true Father and the depth of His love as He catches you. You can trust Him and in Him. He is right there. Close your eyes and listen.


Because He is waiting, dare to be different. Trust and leap.

Share His love to others.

Give this beautiful gift today and receive the gift.

But the LORD’s steadfast love surrounds the one who trusts in him.

Ps. 32.10b (ESV)