Proverbs 16.9 He directs our path.

God’s Direction

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Like a bowl of spaghetti

During a friend’s recent visit and our conversation about work and life, she expressed her opinion about her journey in life. She described her journey as a “bowl of spaghetti.” She went on to explain. From her perspective, “her experiences – her lines – were not straight, connected end-to-end, but intertwined, too sticky, and impossible to unravel. But, with the right sauce, it was a great dish.” Interesting metaphor. But a familiar perspective.

In reality, if we look at our lives, either in whole or parts, it’s similar. Not many can point to one strand, one straight line from point to point. Instead, our journeys are laced with meanderings, side-tracks, and detours—some straight lines. We started with a goal, a dream, a vision. Our end?

It is easy to see where we started. But, when life happens, things get mixed. We look back at where we are versus where we thought we would be. We reach some conclusions. Well, more of a reconciliation. Because our current reality and the path that led us here is likely not a series of straight lines. They are just like my friend described, events intertwined and sticky.


We examine our personal “bowl of spaghetti” and possibly reach some conclusions. Well, at least two. First, we must come to terms with where we are. Because of and despite our detours, meanderings, and wandering, we are here—our present reality. And secondly, we need to reconcile, as did my friend, that “with the right sauce, it’s a good dish.” This broad statement likely does not apply to everyone. But there is a truth here.

God’s Direction – His Path

When we look back and reconcile, we need to resolve to act differently. We need to realize; we have a choice. We can continue to plan our lives – as we have in the past – and hope for a different outcome, or we can choose differently. That differently? Allow God to direct our paths. Why? Because our straight line is not His.

His line for our lives is true. When God directs our paths, it is good, even if it looks like a bowl of spaghetti. (Ro. 8:28-30)