Càirn Globél’s Children Stories

The Dog with the Crooked Smile

by Lewis Harper Wilson

There was a dog with a crooked smile.

Who lived in a crooked house, just down the crooked lane. Oh, about a crooked mile.

She jumped and leaped with her crooked smile, on her way to the crooked lake, where a crooked clock hung, next to a crooked gate.

Do you know the place?

It’s a place where you’re never late, and has a bicycle with a crooked basket and a crooked boat, next to a crooked gate.

Oh, she would run fast and jump and leap, on her way to the crooked lake. Even with her crooked smile, to get a piece of pumpkin crooked cake!

Because you’re never late, no you can’t be late, when you’re on a crooked boat on a crooked lake, with crumbs of pumpkin crooked cake left on an empty plate.

Have you seen her?

The dog that can run a crooked mile. Who lives on crooked court and has a crooked smile.

If you do, be sure to wave. Even if she is on a crooked lake, or in her crooked house, or next to the crooked gate.

Because you can expect as you pass her on a crooked trail to give you a broad crooked smile, and a wag of her perfectly crooked tail.

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  1. Anonymous April 15, 2022 / 10:59 pm

    Adorable story! it needs to be illustrated!

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