Càirn Globél’s Children Stories

Nat Spelled with a “G”

By Lewis Harper Wilson

There was a gnat spelled with a “G.” Who wore a hat, that, made her sneeze.

Her hat was tall and flat, and as long as you please. As long as her feet were from her knees. Why did she wear a hat?

A hat like that? Not for looks or style or ease, because a hat like that will make you sneeze.

Why have a hat as long as your knees? Because the sun is hot, even in a breeze. Too hot for a gnat not wearing a hat, even one spelled with a “G.”

It wasn’t hot in the shade under a tree, you see. And you don’t have to wear a hat like that, even in a breeze.

It tickles the nose of a gnat who wears a hat, because a gnat can’t stay under a tree, without a hat, even – especially – a gnat spelled with a “G.”

But gnats can’t stay in trees, and a life of ease. Because gnats like plants and fruit in a garden, if you please.

Ripe fruit and lovely plants, please. Even in a hat, only in a hat , because gnats eat that, especially gnats spelled with a “G.”

A hat with a brim long and flat. Even a hat as long as your knees, is what every gnat needs, flying tree to tree.

Because Gnats wear hats you can’t see, when they travel from tree to tree. Gnats just do that, even if it makes them sneeze.

If you see a gnat, not in a tree; it’s wearing a hat, one you can’t see. And likely she’s a gnat spelled with a “G.”

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  1. Anonymous April 15, 2022 / 10:59 pm

    Adorable story! it needs to be illustrated!

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