About Càirn Globél

Mission – Càirn Globél’s mission is to be a catalyst for individuals and group engagement in mission and social outreach in the fulfillment of the Great Commission through a primary digital platform—the ‘kern.

Vision – The ‘kern™ will be a premier digital platform where users will begin and end in education, research, and active participation in global outreach from a biblical stewardship worldview.

Aspiration – Càirn Globél is a family-owned business. Its overarching goal is to honor the Lord in operating and leading a company in a manner consistent with biblical principles.

Foundational Principles of Càirn Globél and the Basis for The ‘KERN

Càirn Globél believes it is essential, from the onset, to express its underlying worldview that forms the foundation and is the basis of this digital platform. We believe there is ample biblical support for these principal foundations.

  • God alone is our benefactor. With his help, we will prosper; without it, we will not succeed.
  • We are Christians and unapologetically hold a Christian worldview and believe biblical servanthood involves all God has graciously given, including time, talent, finances, and available resources.
  • We consider it essential for all believers to help in the cause of Christ, in fulfilling the Great Commission, bring light to a hurting world, and show love to our neighbors locally and globally through acts of service.
  • We believe God’s Word and prayer are powerful. We will look to both as we endeavor to seek direction and wisdom in all aspects of Càirn Globél’s development and operations.
  • We consider it paramount that Càirn Globél upholds truth, integrity, and exercise wisdom in all its business practices and the formation and utilization of the digital platform, the ‘kern.  
  • We believe it is vital that Càirn Globél practice biblical stewardship through donating a portion of its gross profits, giving generously to employees, and contributing a significant amount of its net earnings to small nonprofits to offset platform costs.

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