Don’t Give Up (Galatians 6.9-10(HCSB))

“So we must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, we must work for the good of all, especially for those who belong to the household of faith.”

Galatians 6.9-10 (HCSB)

Have you ever been diving? The feeling of weightlessness as you drift to the sound of your breathing. It is both an exhilarating and relaxing experience. The silence is deafening. The darkness of the caves or night diving heightens your senses and reminds you how reliant we are on what we can see or hear.

My daughter and I were diving off the shore of Bonaire. We entered the water from the beach to pursue a recorded offshore wreck lying in about 80 feet of water. We moved quickly through the clear warm water once submerged. Eventually, we lost sight of the sandy beach. Below us, darkness, no hint of the bottom.

My daughter tapped my arm. I saw in her facial expression concern that we were off course, surrounded by murky water. I pointed to my compass, showing we were on course, and the tank monitor showed we both had plenty of air. I signaled two more minutes, and then we would turn around. We agreed and moved on, scanning the water below, looking for any semblance of a structure. It should be close. After a few more kicks, I was ready to signal to turn around when my daughter tapped my arm. She was smiling, pointing to our right. We moved forward, the water lightened, and there she was, the Hilma Hooker[1], lying on the bottom as she had been for years.

Have you been praying, listening, or waiting for something, only to feel you were on the wrong course? You decided you had made a miscalculation or misunderstood God’s direction? Did you believe God’s guidance and step out only to find it challenging to perceive? Or found yourself in the middle of a spiritual battle? You may be in one right now. As believers and followers of Christ, we are supposed to live by faith and not by sight.[2] However, the more we look at a thing or event according to its natural appearance, the less likely it seems we will get what we seek from God. We must believe that God provides wisdom and not doubt. Why? Because we have faith in God, and our expectation is of Him alone. The Lord can change circumstances instantaneously. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things we may not see.[3] Regardless of what we see or do not see, trust him. Continue to be strong as you wait on Him. Be courageous.[4]

Don’t be double-minded, divided in your belief, and tossed back and forth like the waves of the sea. You asked for wisdom. Consider what He has done. Remember how He has worked and given you the resources and the ability to stand in the trials. What you are seeking may instantly materialize in front of you unexpectedly.

Suppose he calls you to a task or to face difficult times, choices, or struggles. Check your gauges. Please don’t turn around, doubting what you see or because you cannot see it yet. You may be at a point of reaching your destination, only to miss the blessing or to be a blessing to others. Keep flipping. The goal and the gift may be right in front of you.

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