Rescued (Psalm 82:3-5 (GW))

Defend weak people and orphans.
Protect the rights of the oppressed and the poor.
Rescue weak and needy people.
Help them escape the power of wicked people.

 Wicked people do not know or understand anything.
As they walk around in the dark,
all the foundations of the earth shake.

Psalm 82.3-5 (GW)

Dressed in a navy blue business suit with her auburn hair pulled back into a neat ponytail, she sat on the overstuffed sofa. I sat opposite and quietly watched her fidget with her wedding ring. She raised her head, looking at me somberly
“What brings you here today?” I asked.
She hesitated and looked down at her hands. “I am tired of running,” she said.

Over the next two years, we spent hours sifting through events, perceptions, beliefs, and emotions. The work wasn’t mine. It was hers and the Lord’s. The catalyst for change? A catastrophic family event. The near-death of her oldest son. It was her wake-up call. Despite all the horrors, tragedies, and difficulties of past experiences, this event became the watershed for her transformation.

What began on a sunny Colorado afternoon and the following weeks and months was a period of exponential personal growth, one of the greatest blessings I was privileged to witness. This traumatic event became the impetus for dramatic change. Not just for her but for her whole family. (2 Cor. 12:9 GW)

Followers of Christ remember another series of dramatic events of cataclysmic importance for us and all humanity’s past, present, and future. The crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

What watershed event brought you to a place where you realized you needed to stop running? Where you were face-to-face with the Heavenly Counselor, looked into His eyes, and confessed all the horrors, tragedies, and difficulties? Can you recall the invaluable and irreversible act of His mercy and grace? The pinnacle of the cost of a loving Father—offering His only Son and His acceptance of your repentance. (Mark 14:1–15:47 GW) Look back at that moment. The moment, in utter desperation, you stopped running.

Like the mother who proclaimed her freedom in Christ, we can look at the face of our Savior and choose Him. Will we turn from our ways and believe in the One who came to take away the world’s sins? Will we stop running? If we are a follower, recall the chasm He bridged so we can, through the power of the Spirit, experience exponential growth and transformation as He conforms us to the image of His Son. (Romans 8:29-30 NIV).

Can we proclaim with boldness and conviction, as the son’s mother in a coma stated, “I am no longer the person you met; through this event, He has changed me forever?” The hand of God changed her, transformed her and her family, and restored her to Christ. And the same God who miraculously healed her soul and heart healed her son that summer. (Ps. 3:3; 116:1; Rom. 8:32 ESV)

Will you, like her, reach out and touch the hand of the Lord and walk away from your chains today? Will you? He will be there to walk alongside you regardless of the circumstances. Once you have seen yourself in His eyes, you cannot forget who you were and how He has changed you. (James 1:22-25 EV)

Glory to Him in the Highest. (Psalm 145, 148 NASB)

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