Cairn’s Rockpile – Season 1, Episode 10 – What’s in Your Sack Lunch?

What’s in your sack lunch? Grace – unmerited favor. Are you willing to give it to Him? Interesting how the Lord can use a child’s sack lunch to feed multitudes. Amazing. And He wants to do that with you. Watch how He takes what we give and multiplies it to bless others abundantly. Building your cairn includes service and the humility to know it’s all about Him. It’s what the Cairn is all about, so follow along. G-d’s not done with you  – or us – yet. Listen in each week and laugh along with us – or at us – we will be here. See you then.

This week’s Spotlight Mission Organization

Wycliffe Bible Translators “For more than 75 years, Wycliffe has helped people worldwide translate the Bible into their languages. We believe the Bible translation is the most transformational as a locally led, sustainable church ministry.” Wycliffe USA serves with churches and Bible translation organizations worldwide, so local churches have Scripture and other resources to meet their spiritual needs, along with the capacity to continue to meet those growing needs in the future.  

You can learn more about Wycliffe at

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