Cairn’s Rockpile – Episode 6 – It’s All About the Wait

Oma and Lewis continue the story of their quirky journey in Bucharest. It’s not always easy, but when G-d calls, you know He is with you, especially in the waiting when your visas are about to run out and you can’t leave the country.  Interesting times, when you have to decide who has to stay with your new child for an indefinite period of time because your country will not give you a visa and you’re out of time and funds. There is always a point to the stories – and it all points to Him, and to Him be the glory! 

This week’s Spotlight Mission Organization

Mercy Ships  “Mercy Ships began our mission to provide hope and healing to those in need in 1978. Each year they send hospital ships filled with volunteer professionals who selflessly provide life-changing surgeries to children and adults who otherwise would go without. Together we are saving lives.” You can learn more at

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