Cairn’s Rockpile – Episode 5 – Baby Steps of Faith

Oma and Lewis continue their journey from the Mud Run to Victoria Square, Bucharest, taking baby steps of faith. It’s not always easy, but when G-d calls, you know He is with you. Come and follow the “fine-tuning” of the rockpile and the stories of two unlikely characters. Join us on our quirky but honest journey-past and present. There is always a point to the stories – and it all points to Him. He is Jehovah-Nissi (Ex. 17:8,15), and to Him be the glory! 

This week’s Spotlight Mission Organization

One For Israel   “The story and ministry of One for Israel is part of something much larger – the miraculous restoration of the Jewish people and the miraculous unity between Jewish and Arab believers in Jesus.” You can learn more at

Cairn Globel’s Website and Linktr. ee

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