Precipice – Hon. Christian Inkwell

Dearest friend, thank you for your recent correspondence. As usual, I apologize for my delay in responding. It is not due to ability, but more to failing eyesight and the lack of lighting. Poor eyes are a heavy burden, especially for one fond of pen and ink. As I advance in age, the writing of the Sage of Ecclesiastes rings true. However, I also recognize that my Father has work for me to complete. When I finish those assignments, I will be home. Then I will see Him clearly. No more faulty eyes and stiff joints. Amen!

I agree wholeheartedly with your discussion and your particular translation concerning the power of His Spirit. As you know, we rely on His strength to get through each day and to fight against the evil that sets itself up—a necessity in our walk and the ongoing battle—as you so skillfully discussed in your letter.

I pen this with disgust and sorrow. What decadence and the unruly sight of this beautiful nation tarnished, sullen and disrespected. I am appalled we have dropped to this level. You would think the lessons of Rome and Greece would be foremost in our memories. Not to mention the statements, lives, and prayers of those who fought to found and maintain this nation. His Word is ripe with examples of what occurs when a country drops to the level of such depravity. May He have mercy on us. There is hope, and as the Lord informed Solomon in Chronicles 7.14 if we turn and repent and humble ourselves, pray and seek His face, He would hear from heaven and heal our land. We know what Nineveh did when Jonah called out—repented. He spared that nation, and what a nation it was in the time of Jonah. He can and will spare ours if we bow the knee, turn and seek His face in prayer. It is not too late to avoid judgment before judgment begins. We know where judgment starts—in His house. We must stand up and call out for the country to wake up and turn from this downward spiral.  

This country was founded upon a covenant. Let us beseech Him and repair the breach. He is merciful and willing to forgive. Let us look to leaders whose focus is on Him. His love. His wisdom and accountability. One who seeks His face hears His voice and seeks His heart—leaders who lead us away from the precipice of our current wilderness wandering.   

As John Adams stated, “Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” These words ring true as I read the latest buffoonery and ill-advised foolish decisions and actions of our administration and so-called leaders bent on destruction.

Despite the administration’s intoxication of power, invincibility, and pride, I know there is a remnant. Many have not bowed the knee, and as I look out my window at the night sky, He has a plan. Despite what I see, He will change everything. We both can attest to His ability to change hearts. Were not our hearts changed under the fiery preaching of Edwards, Wesley, Whitefield, and others? Yes, brother. I remember our conversions. If He can change my heart, his Spirit can move over this country and set hearts ablaze. That is the immutable character of our Father—mercy. Let us call upon Him before it is too late. Let our focus begin with removing the speck from our eye and anything that separates us from Him. Let revival start in our hearts.

Let us pray that those controlled and in bondage will have their eyes opened to the lies and wiles of the enemy. I pray for a great awakening—a stunning awareness of the truth. Let His light shine into the minds and hearts of those approaching the precipice. May He touch their hearts before they plummet and take many with them on the road to destruction. Let us stand in front and point to the Narrow Way—the road of salvation and freedom. There is hope. Provided through and in His Son. Blessed is the Name!

I will attempt to be more diligent and timely in my responses, brother.

With the warmest affection, your friend, 

Christian Inkwell

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