Galatians 5:16-18 (MSG) – Gálatas 5:16-18 (DHH)

My counsel is this: Live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit. Then you won’t feed the compulsions of selfishness. For there is a root of sinful self-interest in us that is at odds with a free spirit, just as the free spirit is incompatible with selfishness. These two ways of life are antithetical, so that you cannot live at times one way and at times another way according to how you feel on any given day. Why don’t you choose to be led by the Spirit and so escape the erratic compulsions of a law-dominated existence?

Por lo tanto, digo: Vivan según el Espíritu, y no busquen satisfacer sus propios malos deseos. Porque los malos deseos están en contra del Espíritu, y el Espíritu está en contra de los malos deseos. El uno está en contra de los otros, y por eso ustedes no pueden hacer lo que quisieran. Pero si el Espíritu los guía, entonces ya no estarán sometidos a la ley.

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