E.M. Bounds – The Weapon of Prayer (c. 1835-1913)

Every movement for the advancement of the Gospel must be created by and inspired
by prayer. In all these movements of God, prayer precedes and attends as an
invariable and necessary condition. In this relation, God makes prayer identical
in force and power with Himself, and says to those on earth who pray: “You are
on the earth to carry on My cause. I am in heaven, the Lord of all, the Maker of
all, the Holy One of all. Now whatever you need for My cause, ask Me and I will
do it. Shape the future by your prayers, and all that you need for present
supplies, command Me. I made heaven and earth, and all things in them. Ask
largely. Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it. It is MY work which you are
doing. It concerns My cause. Be prompt and full in praying. Do not abate your
asking, and I will not wince nor abate in My giving.” Everywhere in His Word God
conditions His actions on prayer. Everywhere in His Word His actions and
attitude are shaped by prayer.

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