Caring for people

We are Càirn Globél, and these are the guiding principles of our digital platform – the ‘kern.

Càirn Globél – the mission

Càirn Globél is a faith-based family-owned company. We are the developer of the digital platform the ‘kern.

Although Càirn Globél is a for-profit company, its primary mission is to care for people. To that end, we strive to honor the Lord in operating a company consistent with biblical principles.



Foundational Principles of Càirn Globél the ‘KERN

Càirn Globél believes it is essential, from the onset, to express its underlying worldview that forms the foundation and is the basis of this digital platform. Importantly, we believe there is ample biblical support for these principal foundations.

Cairn’s Principals

The power of exponential outreach”

Above all, pray for us and this endeavor. As the ‘kern develops, look for the upcoming podcast ‘KERN.

Also, check out the work of our creative and inspirational teams.

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